10X Your Digital Analytics Productivity with ChatGPT

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3 Insights You Can Apply Right Away

In this section, I share my thoughts based on my conversations with experts, clients, and students. These are not tips and tricks related to tools but are the insights that will help you in your career.

  1. 10X Your Producitity with ChatGPT - In the last post, I talked about the importance of learning and leveraging AI, if you want your career to be AI-proof. One AI tool that my team uses regularly is ChatGPT.  If you are wondering where to start then start with ChatGPT and see your productivity go up significantly. A few specific things you can use ChatGPT for are:

    1. Ask it to write the JavaScript code for a specific tag/trigger/variable.

    2. Ask it to help you with the SQL code that you need for BigQuery

    3. Ask it to provide an outline of the presentation.

      These should get you started with ChatGPT. I will be covering more specific use cases in the future as well as in Optizent Academy courses.

  2. Tag Manager Hygiene - Having a clean and healthy tag manager should be a part of your process. In other words, clean your tags regularly. Remove any paused tags, rename tags to meet your changing needs and naming conventions, consolidate variables, etc. This keeps your tag managers clean and easy to manage. Set aside time every month to go over your tag manager and clean it. This also tells your stakeholders that you are on top of your game.

  3. Help Stakeholders Visualize - Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t make stakeholder visualizes what we are proposing, particularly if the concept is new to them. In that case, it helps to give them something they can use and then build on. For example, when we tell our stakeholders about using Looker Data Studio for reporting, they don’t know what to expect and how it will work, etc. In that case, we give them a dashboard and report based on what we know about their business. We don’t use a predefined template from the web but we build custom reports based on what we know about the business and stakeholders. This gives them a great starting point to talk to and helps them visualize. This is what gets the discussion going about their requirements. So if you want to become a Digital Analytics Hero then start helping your stakeholders instead of giving them general information and hoping that they get it.

3 Blog Posts, Articles, and Books You Should Read

In this section, I bring you blog posts from Optizent, other bloggers, book recommendations, etc., that you should read to enhance your Digital Analytics skills.

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