Best Metrics in GA4

Digital Analytics Insights by Optizent

Best Metrics in GA4

Digital Analytics Insights by Optizent

Three insights you can apply right away

In this section, I share my thoughts based on my conversations with experts, clients, and students. These are not tips and tricks related to tools but are the insights that will help you in your career.

  1. Best Metrics in GA4 - This is a question that comes up a lot, so let’s get straight to it. There are no metrics in GA4 that can be classified as the best metrics for all types of situations. The best metrics are the ones that allow you to measure your organization’s success and every organization’s success criteria are different. A business that just launched might be more interested in Visits or Visitors while a mature business might be more interested in repeat users and purchases. The process of defining the right metrics for a campaign, website, etc. requires a thorough discussion with various stakeholders. I cover the details of this process in the Digital Analytics program

  2. QA the AI - I assume you have read my posts about AI, how it will impact jobs and what can you do to AI-proof your career.  For the foreseeable future, I see a huge need for those people who can ask AI the right questions and validate the results AI produces. AI is still developing and everything it produces is not correct. So organizations will need people who understand and can work with AI.  Here is a screenshot that shows how ChatGPT missed one step in the question I asked.

    So even though ChatGPT can write the JavaScript code or SQL for BigQuery, you can get ahead learning how to use and validate AI, so that you can manage AI in your department/organization.

  3. Career Advice - It is very easy to get distracted when you have too many options and you listen to too many experts. Each “expert” speaks from their own experience so this becomes overwhelming since you can’t possibly learn everything out there.  I highly recommend that you find an “expert” that you align with the most and then follow their advice. Do your research, focus, and commit. That’s the best way to get ahead instead of searching for the next best thing to learn and always being in the chasing mode. 

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