Skill Gap Myth: Bridging the Divide in Digital Analytics Hiring

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One Insight You Can Apply Right Away

Job Requirements and Your Skills Don’t Match?

If you are frustrated because you feel like you don’t have the required skills that hiring managers are looking for, or if you are a hiring manager for digital analytics then this tip is for you.

Many job seekers, I have talked to, feel frustrated because they come across a lot of jobs that have a laundry list of requirements and they don’t feel that they are a right fit for most of these open positions.

However, most hiring managers tell me that they don’t have the budget to fill multiple positions and hence they end up adding all their requirements into one position so that they can be better prepared for their plans.

Generally hiring managers have some urgent needs that can be fulfilled by one or two key skills. So if you apply and the hiring manager sees that then you are likely to get hired.

Here are some examples of people who found jobs without having all the “job requirements”:

  1. A job required “Adobe Analytics” experience but one of my students with Google Analytics skills got the job. It wasn’t easy but she got it because the way she presented her made all the difference.

  2. The job required “analysis” skills but one of my students with only “technical” GA skills got the job. She understood the analysis part but hadn’t done any real analysis. The hiring manager’s immediate need was technical implementation not analysis. Analysis was just part of “the wishlist requirement.

  3. I applied for a job that I had maybe less than 25% of the requirements but go the job there was one tool that I had experience with, which other’s didn’t, and the organization needed to find someone with that tool experience.

So I highly recommend that even if you have only a 30% overlap in their skills and what the job requirements are, you should go ahead and apply if that job looks appealing to you.

If you are a hiring manager then I request you to make it clear what is required so that you don’t miss out on any qualified candidates.

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Answers to Last Week’s Trivia

Last week there were two questions:

  1. GA4: Which section in GA4, would you use to find advanced techniques that can help you uncover deeper insights about your customers' engagement? - Everybody got this one right, the correct answer is “Explore.

  2. BigQuery: Which is the right option in BigQuery to correctly calculate the Session count? The correct answer is “combination of ga_session_id parameter and user_pseudo_id column”. However, most of the users answered the “session_start” event, which is not correct.

Latest Digital Marketing and Analytics Jobs

  1. Sr. Digital Business Analyst - IDR, Inc. - Detroit Metropolitan Area, US - Remote - Posted by Harper Hawk (A/B and MV testing, optimization of digital experience and merchandising, standards for regular testing, improve site KPIs, reporting)

  2. Senior Digital Optimization Analyst - TekWissen - US - Remote - Posted by Venkat J Swaroop (multivariate A/B testing, Adobe Analytics, tag management)

  3. Ecommerce Data Analyst - Grief - US - Remote - Posted by Emily Flecker (data collection and management, analyst,is and dashboarding, A/B testing, Excel, SQL, Power BI, Tableau, GA4, Hotjar, Semrush)

  4. Senior Data Analyst, Marketing - Spring Health - US - Remote (dashboarding, marketing attribution models, customer segmentation, funnel analysis, SQL, modeling code in DBT, Looker, Tableau)

  5. Senior Manager of Analytics, Revenue Cycle - Spring Health - New York, US - Hybrid (dashboarding, data analysts management, Revenue Cycle Management tools, experience building metrics such as DSO, Clean Claims Rate, Days in AR, Cost per Claim, and Payment Accuracy by various payer mix, SQL, modeling code in DBT, Looker, Tableau)

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