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Insights & Advice You Can Apply Right Away

In this section, I share my thoughts based on my conversations with experts, clients, and students. Today instead of sharing one insight, I am going to provide links to several that I have written previously. Check them out below.

25+Job Listings

Here are 25+ Digital Analytics job listings that our team has hand-picked. Even if you are not looking for a new job, share it with your colleagues and network as someone else might benefit from them.

People Available For New Opportunities on

A lot of people around the world are looking for new jobs. Many have been laid off due to a bad economy. In this section, I want to showcase those who are looking for a job. If you have a job opening or can help with introductions then feel free to contact them. Click on the name to see their details and contact information. Also, if you are one of those who is looking for a new job then add your listing for free on and I will include your profile in the next newsletter. I am also happy to make personal introductions to the hiring managers and recruiters.

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