JavaScript or BigQuery? Which One Should You Learn?

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BigQuery or JavaScript? Which One Will Help Digital Analysts?

You might have heard me and other professionals talk about JavaScript and BigQuery a lot.

But which one is right for you? Which one should you focus on?

Both BigQuery and JavaScript are valuable tools for a digital analyst, but they serve different purposes and take you on different career paths.

Before I answer which one is right for you, first let’s look at what BigQuery and JavaScript are

  • BigQuery

    • BigQuery is a cloud-based data warehouse and analytics platform.

    • It is particularly useful for analyzing large datasets

    • Digital analysts can use BigQuery to query and analyze massive volumes of data collected from various sources such as websites, mobile apps, or other digital platforms.

    • It can handle complex queries and perform aggregations efficiently, making it suitable for deep data analysis.

  • JavaScript:

    • JavaScript is a programming language commonly used for building interactive web applications.

    • It is the language used by analytics tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Piwik PRO to collect the data.

    • It is the language used by Tag managers like Google Tag Manager.

    • Digital analysts can use JavaScript for a variety of tasks such as:

      • Implementing tracking scripts to collect user behavior data on websites.

      • Integrating with analytics platforms such as Google Analytics to customize tracking and reporting.

      • Building custom dashboards or visualizations to present analysis results.

      • Automating repetitive tasks related to data processing or reporting.

Which one to prioritize depends on the specific career path you are on or want to take in the future:

  • If you're primarily focused on Analysis of the data then learning BigQuery and SQL would be beneficial. BigQuery and SQL will also open career opportunities in Data Sciences, Data Engineering, and various other Data Analyst roles.

  • If you're more focused on the technical implementation of Digital Analytics e.g. tracking, and customizing analytics setups then JavaScript would be more relevant. JavaScript skills will also open up career opportunities in Web Development.

  • If you have time then I highly recommend learning both. That will also help you figure out what you like and the direction you want to take in the future. A combination of both skills can be extremely valuable, allowing you to collect, process, analyze, and visualize data effectively.

If interested in learning either of these skills then check out the courses in the next section.

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