This One Tip Will Make You A Better Data Analyst

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This One Tip Will Make You A Better Data Analyst

There is a lot of data available to marketers and marketing analysts today.

All this data is useless unless analysts can analyze it to find insights that help business stakeholders make better decisions.

Calculating averages, deviations from standards, and doing regression analysis are some of the ways analysts try to find insights in that data.

However, to be better analysts, you have to go deeper than what most analysts do.

And that deeper step is not rocket science but a simple step to visualize the data as a part of your data analysis.

To understand why this step can help you become a better data analyst, let’s look at the following data set.

When analyzed using statistics, seems like all the data sets are similar. See the image below.

However, when the same data sets are visualized, a different story emerges from each of the sets.

As you can see above, data visualization unlocked some insights that were hidden even when statistical analysis was done.

So there you have it. If you want to be a great data analyst of any kind, you have to learn how to visualize the data.

I highly encourage you to check out Bay Area Times, which provides examples of data visualization that you can take inspiration from.

Check Out Bay Area Times To See Examples of Data Visualizations

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  1. Marketing Data Analyst Intern (6-month internship, Remote in PST or MT) - Tomofun | Furbo Pet Camera - US - Remote (proficient in Tableau or similar tools (Looker, Power BI, etc) with a focus on digital data visualization, able to collect, clean, and analyze data using tools like Excel, Google Sheets, or more advanced data analysis tools, experience in Amazon marketplace, Amazon Ads, Meta and GA4)

  2. Marketing Data Analyst - Clutch - Tennessee, US - Remote (experience in data analysis within an agency setting, proficiency in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, and Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint, experience with Google Tag Manager

  3. Marketing Data Analyst - Strategy Collective - Houston, TX - US - Remote - Published by Dominique James (experience evaluating and optimizing the performance of marketing channels, campaigns, and initiatives using various analytics tools such as GA4, Looker Studio, GTM, Google Ads (AdWords), Meta Business/Ads, Power BI, setup and configure event and conversion tracking, analyze attribution data models, create customized visual dashboards, implement best practices for proper integration of various tags and scripts on GTM to ensure accurate data collection)

  4. Associate Manager - Media Analytics - SCJohnson - Racine, Wisconsin, US - (build Real-Time Media measurement through our Marketing Data Hub to help SCJ and agency partners optimize Media investments across channels, experience with performance media solutions such as Creative Pre-testing, A/B testing, Marketing Mix Modelling, Behavioral Science, Voice of the Consumer, Sales Lift, Brand Equity Tracking, Web Analytics, Marketing Mix Analysis techniques, CPG industry, Proficiency in SQL, data analysis tools like Alteryx, data visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI)

  5. Ecommerce Data Analyst - Grief - US - Remote - Published by Emily Flecker (experience in data analysis, preferably in the ecommerce and/or industrial sector, proficient in using tools for data manipulation & analysis like Excel, SQL, data visualization tools like Power BI, Tableau, marketing analytics tools like GA4, Hotjar, Semrush, data collection, management, analysis, reporting, dashboarding, A/B testing)

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