Unlock Your Potential: The Power of Internal and External Positioning

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In this section, I share my thoughts based on my conversations with experts, clients, and students. These are not tips and tricks related to tools but are insights that will help you in your career.

Right positioning is the difference between career success and failure

Recently a conversation with two of my students prompted me to write this post. One of the people I talked to is a Digital Analyst with experience working on GA4 setup for a Fortune 500 brand. The other is a digital marketer who has also set up GA4 for various clients.

Both of them are trying to figure out their place in Digital Analytics.

Both of them are talented in their craft as well as GA4 setup and are far more experienced than a lot of people who currently have great Digital Analytics jobs.

So why are these two struggling while others, with less experience in GA4, thriving?

Several things came out in the discussion but one of the common themes was how they positioned themselves internally as well as externally.

So what do I mean by that?

  1. Internal Positioning - This is your self-talk. This is how you see yourself when you are alone. This is your confidence in your skills and abilities to do the tasks that are associated with the job and title that you want. How do you see yourself internally? Even though they had the experience, they both felt that they needed more knowledge and more experience. So they were internally thinking less about themselves than what they truly are. Internal self-talk is reflected in every conversation you have. If you don’t think you are there yet, how can others count on you? For you to get the right job, title, money, etc., first you have to believe in it. You have to tell yourself that you deserve it. That confidence only comes when you have others who can validate for you and guide you through the process. I always encourage people to find that “someone” or your “community” who can help you gain that confidence.

  2. External Positioning - This is how you talk about yourself in front of others. How you come across on your resume, LinkedIn profile, interactions in your “community”, interviews, etc. Just tweaking a few words on your resume can make look like a different person, positioned for a different job. Just tweaking how you talk about your experience can help you leverage your experience to find a job in your desired field. Digital Analytics folks can easily position themselves for Data Analyst, Project Management, Product Management, Data Sciences roles, etc.. It is just a matter of positioning.

    One of my students came from the software QA management position. She wanted to switch to Marketing Analytics and had a 5-year plan to become a Marketing Analytics Manager. Instead of waiting 5 years, we worked on positioning, both internal and external, along with Marketing Analytics knowledge, and within 6 months, she landed her first job in Analytics as “Marketing Analytics Manager”. She already had management experience, all she had to do was to believe in it and position herself. Her story is not unique, there are many such examples. Most people don’t achieve what they deserve because they don’t know how to correctly position themselves for new roles, promotions, etc. Go work on the above two aspects of positioning and get ready for a great 2024.

If you are still struggling with positioning and need help and guidance, then you can always join Optizent Academy. I have helped students position themselves to get the jobs and titles, they didn’t think were possible. Believe me, a lot of people with your experience and knowledge are holding the jobs that you dream about. Make 2024 the year of success.

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