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Site Redesigns and Digital Analytics

Websites and app redesigns are common occurrences in organizations. These redesigns can be as small as navigation and home page changes to complex front and backend changes.

In either case, many organizations forget to keep Digital Analytics teams in the loop.

As a result, when the redesigned site goes live, tracking breaks, and the digital analytics team gets the blame.

But, it does not have to be that way. There are several key integration points that can help ensure that tracking does not break during the site redesign process.

Collaborative Development of Measurement Plans: Collaboratively develop comprehensive measurement plans that align with site redesign goals and KPIs. Integrating tracking requirements into the planning phase ensures that the necessary data points are captured accurately post-launch.

Sharing Wireframes and Mockups: This will allow analysts to visualize the user flow, identify potential tracking points, and provide input on how to best measure user interactions throughout the site.

Sharing HTML, CSS, and DataLayer Specifications: All these elements play a critical role in tracking. Tracking that worked pre-redesign will break if any of these, HTML, CSS, and DataLayers, are changed. To ensure a smooth transition to the redesigned site, make sure the analyst is in the loop.

Sharing URL Structure: Having a clear understanding of the URL structure will ensure that all relevant pages and actions are captured in the analytics setup. Misconfigured URL structure can lead to reporting discrepancies.

Implementing Event Tracking and Custom Dimensions: If any new functionality is introduced during the site redesign then the analyst needs to know that. Collaborate with the Digital Analyst to identify key events and actions that should be tracked, such as form submissions, video views, or clicks on specific elements will ensure that stakeholders can measure new sites’s success and friction points.

Enabling Tracking on Development and Testing Sites: This will provide an opportunity to review the data collected, identify any discrepancies or anomalies, and refine tracking implementation as needed.

By integrating these points into the site redesign process, we can leverage the expertise of our Digital Analyst to ensure that our tracking setup aligns with project goals, user needs, and data analysis requirements.


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