3 Skills for Digital Marketing Analytics Career Success in 2024

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Master these 3 Skills for Digital Marketing Analytics Career Success in 2024

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2023 was the year of love or hate GA4 type of year for Digital marketing and analytics. Most organizations have either now made peace with GA4 or have moved on to other tools like Piwik PRO.

Now that GA4 is out of the way, the focus is on other key skills that employers need in Digital Analytics roles. Below are the top three that I am hearing from our clients and other employers.

BigQuery & SQL

Many organizations are now moving past what the reporting interface of GA4 can provide. The ability to send the GA4 data to BigQuery not only allows organizations to overcome the limitations of GA4 but also allows them to integrate GA4 data with other data sources such as CRM, email, etc. This integration helps in a much deeper analysis of the data to improve customer experience and conversions. I am already seeing Digital Analysts jobs requiring BigQuery and SQL skills and this will become a norm in 2024.

But, not every organization will use BigQuery. They will likely use the databases they already have. Since SQL is a common language to work with various database systems such as BigQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, etc., having SQL skills means you can work with any database. This skill has been and will be in demand for many years. (Side note: I used to work with SQL and Databases way before I started doing Marketing Analytics)

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Data Analysis, Visualization & Story Telling

Data is useless if your stakeholders can’t make sense of it. Stakeholders don’t have time to sift through data and try to find value in it. employers need people who can analyze this data and find insights to help improve customer experience and drive ROI from their digital and marketing spend. Data visualization and Data Storytelling go hand in hand with data analysis. It helps stakeholders get the story that you tell with the data.

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Ability to Leverage AI

Learn how to use AI for various functions of your job e.g. strategy, implementation, reporting, visualization, data analysis, insights generation, etc.

As presented in my talk at the Digital Analytics Association’s conference in Chicago, I believe AI is going to disrupt the job of Digital/Marketing Analysts.

According to a survey by edX:

  • 87% of the C-Suite say they’re struggling to find talent with AI skills, and 77% say AI is disrupting their business strategy.

  • Most executives believe workers skilled at using AI should be paid more (82%) and promoted more often (74%).

This is a very interesting time in our lives as AI is impacting every aspect of life. Those who learn to leverage AI in their day-to-day roles are going to see many more opportunities and tremendous career growth. So get going with AI right away.

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Digital Marketing and Analytics Jobs

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